…A Sanctuary by the Sea | ResortQuest Retreat

In this day and age of extended work hours, working weekends, impossible deadlines, overbooked schedules, soccer practice, cheer camp, dance recitals, baseball games, football practice, PTA meetings, endless amounts of homework, school projects, cooking (do they REALLY have to eat three times a day?), cleaning, dusting, mopping, mountains of laundry, hours of yard work, and mental exhaustion WHEN do we get a few seconds to just breathe? When do we take time for ourselves to lower stress levels and simply stop to smell the roses? …to breathe in the deliciousness of salty air and feel the sand between our toes?

I say that time is now.

It’s time for you to breathe.


Wish you were here?

You can be.

Click on the image below for more information on Sanctuary By The Sea and our amazing experience! We took five days, to breathe. So should you!

Five Days to Breathe.